15th KINOTEKA Special Guests Announced

Tomasz Bagiński

Creator of animated films, special effects and story lines for computer games, Bagiński was destined to be a forerunner of Polish new media ever since he made his first film The Hunt at the maths department of Warsaw University. His film The Cathedral (2002) was nominated for an Oscar for Best Short Animated Film and Fallen Art (2004) won a BAFTA for Best Short Animation. Catch him at his Masterclass during the festival.

Zuza Zak

Writer and home-cook, Zak is the author of the popular Polska cookbook, which seeks to revitalise traditional Polish food and bring it to a wider audience. Zak studied English, followed by History of Oriental and African Art, giving her a unique approach and interest in the history of food and its meaning in people's lives. The food she cooks is both modern and nostalgic, always rooted in the vast lands of Eastern Europe.

British Sea Power

The art-rock sextet from Brighton known for their weird and wonderful lyrics and their magnetic live performances. The band will be on tour throughout the UK this April to promote their sixth and latest studio album, Let The Dancers Inherit The Party. Featuring Yan Scott Wilkinson on vocals/guitar, Neil Hamilton Wilkinson on vocals/bass/guitar, Martin Noble on guitar/keyboards, Matthew Wood on drums, Abi Fry on viola/keyboards and Phil Sumner on keyboards/cornet/guitar.

Paweł Edelman

One of the most versatile Polish cinematographers working today. He has made films with such stylistically different directors such as Władysław Pasikowski and Andrzej Wajda. He’s also one of the few whose career has been successful both in Poland, with films like Katyń (2007) and Tatarak (2009), and in America with films such as Ray (2004) and The Ghost Writer (2010). He was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Cinematography category for his work on The Pianist (2002).

Marcin Koszałka

Cinematographer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and director, to name a few, Koszałka has twenty-seven awards to his name, and one of the most well rounded careers in Polish cinema. He is said to have a bit of an obsession about death, which is most evident in his short documentary Declaration of Mortality (2010) where he interviews Piotr Korczak, the legendary, ageing Polish climber. Watch his latest thriller The Red Spider as part of 15 KINOTEKA.

Michał Kwieciński

A producer and director for film and TV. He is the founder and owner of Akson Studio, the hugely prosperous production company that has worked with the likes of Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Skolimowski and Márta Mészáros to name a few. His most recent directorial work, the TV film Tomorrow We’re Going To The Movies (2007), garnered much praise as well as awards at the Polish Film and Shanghai International TV festivals.

Borys Lankosz

Documentary and feature film maker, Lankosz’s career began after graduating from the Film School in Łódź. His diploma film Evolution (2002) garnered him much attention, setting him up for the future. In 2009 he released The Reverse, his first full length movie which enjoyed huge commercial success as well as awards at Camerimage and the Moscow, Seattle and Warsaw International Film festivals to name a few.

Hanna Polak

An Oscar-nominated documentarian, Polak is one the most successful Polish women working in the industry. She is also an advocator for the case of homeless children around the world, working with UNICEF and other organisations. She received critical acclaim for her documentary short The Children of Leningradsky (2005), about the hardships of children’s lives in post-Soviet Russia, as well as Something Better To Come (2014) which is featured as part of Kinoteka this year.

Michał Rosa

A writer and director known for such works as Farba (1997), Silence (2001), Scratch (2008) and the first season of the TV show Time of Honour. Most recently he collaborated with Marcin Koszałka on Happiness Of The World (2016) which was nominated for two awards at the Polish Film Festival and the Golden Frog at Camerimage. Alongside filmmaking, Rosa lectures at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia.

Maciej Stuhr

Stuhr is a theatre and film actor, known in equal parts for his comic and dramatic turns. He studied psychology before taking on acting, something which is always apparent in the way that he explores each new role. He has forty-eight credits to his name, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Most recently he stars in Planet Single (2016) and new Polish series Belfer (2016).

Hubert Woroniecki

Woroniecki has been working in the fashion industry since 1989 as a photo producer and modelling agent. In 1992 he was the head of the women’s department for Glamour models, Paris. Last year he garnered great interest and acclaim for directing Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women, an engaging documentary about the life of John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Model Management.

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